Objective II of ATscale’s Strategy Overview focuses on identifying interventions required to shape markets and overcome supply and demand-side barriers for priority AT. In support of this, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is delivering a detailed analysis of the market for each of 5 priority products and their associated services and systems (wheelchairs, hearing aids, prosthetics, spectacles, and assistive digital devices and software). This analysis is being delivered under the AT2030 programme (https://at2030.org) to support ATscale’s strategy.

Wheelchairs and Related Services

Image of Cover of Wheelchair Product Narrative

Image of Cover of Wheelchair Product Narrative

The analyses described above are being translated into documents called, product narratives. The first of these discusses wheelchairs and related services: “Wheelchair Product Narrative: A Market Landscape and Strategic Approach to Increasing Access to Wheelchairs and Related Services in Low and Middle Income Countries.

Please download a copy of the Wheelchair Product Narrative here.

Additional accessible and translated versions of this document will be available here soon.

Many stakeholders have shared information and perspective that supported the development of this report. We look forward to continuing to receive feedback and comments on the information and the articulated approach. As you review this report, please feel free to send your input through this form: (https://forms.gle/k9F3VpegionTyNx79)

ATscale is currently going through a process to evaluate which market shaping activities proposed within the Wheelchair Product Narrative will be elaborated upon and incorporated into an action and investment plan to guide ATscale’s activities and investments. ATscale also seeks collaboration with partners interested in aligning activities with the proposed strategic approach to enable the sector to collaboratively unlock potential to reach those most in need.

Please reach out to corresponding author, Margaret Savage at msavage@clintonhealthaccess.org, or Alison End Fineberg, Director of ATscale, at alison@atscale2030.org, with questions.

Additional Product Narratives for Hearing Aids, Eyeglasses, Prosthetics, and Accessible Devices and Software are under development and will be uploaded here, as they become available.